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The next Prague Tour is 6-10 August 2017

John Martin takes small groups of enthusiasts to visit the sites of Operation Anthropoid, in and around Prague. With John as the guide the groups enjoy unrivalled access and expertise on 3 day tours of the sites. If you would like to be part of the next one then please email for details

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 A few comments from some of the people on the tours.....


"Peter and myself really enjoyed every minute under your guidance and organisation. Nobody could have done it better or made it more interesting or informative. As we say in Liverpool, "it was GREAT".

Your hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm certainly gave us both a memorable week, we are both still "buzzing" and grateful to you"

Wally and Peter Birch


"John just thought I would let you know what a great tour you put on and how much my dad and I were staggered by the effort and devotion you put in to make everything possible for us. I don't think everyone realised the stress and strain you were under to make it all come together but, we can't thank you enough for making the whole week perfect. We were privileged and lucky to have experienced the things we did and visit the places we did. The fact we also met living legends and heroes just topped it all off. There were times when my heart was beating out of my chest and I didn't want to come home. Being in your company was an honour.

My dad and I know a genius when we see one. My dad has been thrilled telling everyone about our week. For me, you have ignited a flame and taken my interest in my favourite story to new heights. I was always infatuated with Jan and Josef's story and with the other amazing people who took part in something so tragic but also unique. I just cannot believe how much hard work and energy you have put in to researching Operation Anthropoid. I reckon the brave people you have tried so hard to get recognition for, would see you as one of their own!

You have also made a lot of people very happy with all your hard work and passion for the subject. I was amazed at how patient you were with people and you acted as a gentleman throughout.

Operation Anthropoid has given me enlightenment and made me a better person. It's inspired me to realise that no matter what adversity I face in life, I need to face it full on and be resolute and steadfast, as our heroes were. I read an account about Jan and Josef's character which said they were the kind of men you would want next to you if you were in a tight corner. I would say the same about you. I now consider you as a good friend and you are also one of biggest heroes!

All I can end with is to thank you from the bottom of my heart and for giving my dad and me experiences that we will never forget. Thanks for everything! You are The Godfather of Anthropoid research!"

Aidan Casey 


"Many thanks for a super week in Prague. Your hard work was much appreciated and I found the experience very moving"

Jim Rawlinson


"Thanks SO MUCH for the fantastic tour John. You did yourself proud-and also the memory of Gabcik and Kubis. I enjoyed the trip more than I have enjoyed any holiday for years and that includes sailing on Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria!"

George C Griffiths


"I have just returned from the trip and all I can say is I wouldn't have missed it for the world. John's knowledge of the subject is staggering and his connections in Prague are invaluable. He was able to take us to locations that no-one else could. He arranged everything and the hotel we stayed in was the ideal location for the trip. There are many surprises on the trip. If John does it again next year, make sure you are on it!"

Robert Porter


"Just a few lines to express our thanks for what turned out to be a most fascinating historical journey. It was so well planned, organised and researched and gave a complete atmospheric insight of the happenings behind the scenes of Operation Anthropoid"                                          Richard Young 


"Dear John I had a memorable trip so please accept my thanks. The 3 day tour was an unbelievable and unique experience. I gained so much information and facts and visited so many notable and historical places and with your extensive knowledge and enthusiasm as our guide John, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. Well Done!"

Don Craig


"Thank you for arranging a most interesting trip to Prague. The work you put in and the professional way it was done was second to none. As our guide you brought everything to life and could not have done more. It has inspired me to read your book again and I would do the tour all over again tomorrow if I could!"

Ben Shipman


"John is not only a renowned comedy star but he is also an excellent military historian. Following many years of research on the subject John must now be considered the World's foremost expert on this subject. John's tour is a must for any Second World War enthusiasts. One had to marvel at John's organisational skills and attention to detail. At many of the places John Martin gave an in depth account of the action, but just excelled in his narrative in the church of St Cyril's explaining passionately about the battles for the gallery and the crypt.

The tour is professionally organised and attention to detail is ensured."

John Devonport


"Military History is not normally my scene and I only went on the tour to accompany my husband but WOW I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the places you took us to (there were some poignant places) and to the people we met it really was very well organised.

Your knowledge and enthusiasm took me over and I enjoyed every moment, you obviously love your subject. I certainly learned new things and speaking to the other people on the tour, even the military history enthusiasts, so did they. I spoke to the Czech Colonel who came with us and he said you even corrected a Czech expert when you were doing your original research, proving that you knew the subject better than him in places!

We definitely intend to go again, maybe as soon as the next trip!"

Mrs J Lyon


"It's an amazing tour. John really makes sure you see as much as it's possible to see......and then some! I did the tour last year and would love to do it again."

Ken Edgecombe


"I just can't say enough how much this tour meant to me. I will NEVER EVER forget it! The things I experienced and learned I would never have gotten from anyone or anywhere else. These things don't come from a classroom or a textbook, they come from someone who is as passionate and connected to the subject matter like John is. Thanks for making a memory of a lifetime"

Alison Beightol (USA)


"Thank you so much John for an absolutely unforgettable experience. On behalf of Nick, Lewis and myself we are very grateful for your passion and everything you did and showed us"

Katrina Barrow


"My dad and I really loved the tour as I'm sure you gathered John. My dad said "this is not a holiday or a tour, this is a pilgrimage". Thank you

Ross McClements

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