"Hi John, this is a sensational book, and one which will assist me tremendously with my University paper (on State Assassinations). One of the best books on Anthropoid I have sourced!"


"A most enjoyable and informative read on these tragic events. It is hard to imagine the level of heroism shown by the parachutists and all those, both young and old, who gave them shelter and every assistance at their disposal. Though a short book, I congratulate its author for leaving no stone unturned in his research. By doing this he has achieved something seldom found in books of an historical nature. That is, giving the reader a real feeling of familiarity with the people involved and a sense of gratitude for doing that. I thank you."


"I thought I ought to look at your book for my carer's sake. Being disabled I found it physically easier to turn the pages (using Blue Tack stuck on the end of a pencil) The more I read, the more I became interested for myself and I read it as often as I could. I found it so interesting and informative and the style of writing appealed to me as it did to George. What poignant memories it must have brought back for Lorna when you took her to Prague. This is just an example of what made the book so readable to me. However, reading about it (and in particular about Lidice) I am not ashamed to say the odd tear trickled down my face. I found the photographs were worth studying in detail and I referred back to some of them more than once. This is what I mean about your style of writing. Normally if a book upsets me I would just close it. But I had to keep reading your book-including the part relating to your giving tourists directions. Despite the fact that I will never be able to visit the sites, I still had to read about the places as your descriptions made me feel as if I was actually there."

Mairi Griffiths

"I finished the book in one sitting, I couldn't put it down. What a fantastic read! You have given the Operation Anthropoid story a much more personal perspective. I wish I had have had the book when I visited Prague last year. Congratulations on a wonderful book."


"I have been captivated by the story of Operation Anthropoid ever since, by pure chance, I saw John Martin's illustrated talk on the subject (if you ever get the chance, go and listen to him!). The wait for John's book to be published has been well worth it. It is an excellent account of a moving story about some very brave men, extremely well researched and written in an easy to read style"


"A truly moving story with heroism at its heart. Having visited Prague, the style of writing captures the atmosphere of the city and creates a vivid image in the readers eye. The human dimension of the authors unique interviews with Heydrich's son are revelatory, as are his efforts to bring about the visit of the friend of the heroes to the Czech Republic 60 years after the story unfolded. It is a far from stuffy style that is easy to read for people not usually interested in Military History. If you are familiar with the story it is a worthy addition to what has gone before, if you are not familiar with this key event of WWII this is the ideal way to become so."


"...your book is a seriously good history book. It tells the story from the beginning and brings it right up to date"

John Grimwood Royal Marine Barracks, Deal.

"John, your account of Operation Anthropoid was greatly enjoyed. Best fifteen quid I've spent in a long time! I would be very interested in joining your tour in 2010"

John G. Cameron

"Your book is well researched, extremely well written and a damn good read. You are to be complimented John, I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Sam Halliwell

"What can I say about your book except it was "Brilliant" and I am not ashamed to say it had me in tears. You certainly did your research and it was also very nice to read of the men as gentleman and soldiers. Your book is different to others on the subject in that it has all the research but also the human touch."

Ken Edgecombe

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