"I thought I ought to look at your book for my carer's sake. Being disabled I found it physically easier to turn the pages (using Blue Tack stuck on the end of a pencil) The more I read, the more I became interested for myself and I read it as often as I could. I found it so interesting and informative and the style of writing appealed to me as it did to George. What poignant memories it must have brought back for Lorna when you took her to Prague. This is just an example of what made the book so readable to me. However, reading about it (and in particular about Lidice) I am not ashamed to say the odd tear trickled down my face. I found the photographs were worth studying in detail and I referred back to some of them more than once. This is what I mean about your style of writing. Normally if a book upsets me I would just close it. But I had to keep reading your book-including the part relating to your giving tourists directions. Despite the fact that I will never be able to visit the sites, I still had to read about the places as your descriptions made me feel as if I was actually there."

Mairi Griffiths

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